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to our lair!

We've been busy carving, grinding, and burning through logs to uncover the creatures hiding inside them.  Click below to see them all in our gallery, or send us on a quest for something unique!

Waking the Dragon

We've always been a crafty family.  There are paint splatters and crayon shavings all over the house.  If you can glue it, stitch it, or bedazzle it, we've done it.  In December of 2022, our kids asked for a whittling kit for Christmas.  We watched a ton of Youtube videos and tiktoks on whittling and soon started being able to carve gnomes and gargoyles like the one pictured here.

After a few weeks of making four-inch figurines, I remembered we had a small pruning chainsaw in the garage and an old stump in the driveway.  A few more vids and 'toks later and I had carved my first simple bear.  "Gus" was chunky and angular, but I was proud of him and became instantly hooked on chainsaw carving.  We've now upgraded our gear and converted most of the garage into a woodworking nook where we have fun making a lot of cool art and a LOT of sawdust.

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